Commonly Made Mistakes When Buying Modern Furniture

Have you ever bought modern furniture that had to be returned the next day? Shall we list the reasons? The piece does not match the design of your home. The piece is too large for the space, or cannot even fit through the front door. People who are buying modern furniture for the first time have a tendency to make mistakes. And then, to remedy those mistakes, they spend too much on repairs or replacement, when they could have avoided those mistakes in the first place, and saved themselves a great deal of money.

Mistake #1: The Wrong Size

A piece of furniture may look absolutely perfect in the showroom or gallery, but, when it’s delivered to your home, all your hopes and expectations fall flat because the piece simply will not fit. Why? Let’s avoid blame, and call it a lack of planning. To avoid this mistake, ask yourself the following questions while thinking about the piece you plan to buy. Will the piece …

o … fit through at least one door of your house?
o … fit the hallway leading to the room where you plan to put it?
o … fit the space set aside for it in the room?
o … overpower the other furniture in the room because of its size?

Of course, you’ll only have answers to these questions if you do the measurements. Before you leave the house on your shopping expedition, get out a tape measure, a piece of paper and a pencil, and write down all the relevant numbers. Consult this piece of paper while you use the tape measure on the piece — you will remember to bring that tape measure with you, won’t you?

If you’d like to go one step further, create a floor plan for your room showing the way it is now. Figure out where you’d like to put the new piece of furniture, and be sure to allow for any extra area around it. For example, when considering a set of modern dining room furniture, allow space for the chairs to be pulled out.

Mistake #2: The Wrong Design

The second most common mistake is a mismatch with the design of the rest of the furniture you already have in the room. Happily, in most cases, modern furniture designs fit well with almost any other interior design, from contemporary themes, all the way back to classic. Unhappily, though, there are still some design factors that might not allow your new piece to fit within the already-established design concepts of your room.

Let’s talk color. A black chair would go well with lightly toned walls, but the same black chair would be overkill if the walls were also black. Follow a simple design plan – the piece should stand out, but, at the same time, be a complement to the rest of the room. Visualize that new piece of furniture in its proposed place in your room — that image in your head will help you decide whether the piece is right, or not.

Mistake #3: The Wrong Maintenance

The third mistake? Consider the maintenance and cleaning required for your new piece of furniture. No furniture is self-cleaning; dust and dirt collect, and must be removed to preserve the furniture’s quality. If you use the wrong cleaning method, you might damage your new piece of furniture beyond repair. Avoid this mistake by asking, before you buy, how to clean this new piece of furniture properly. Also, ask what materials were used in the construction of the piece.

Mistake #4: The Wrong Idea

The next mistake is having the wrong idea, or, rather, to be kind, not fleshing out the bones of your ideas for what you want to add to a room. Know what you want to buy before you go to the furniture showroom. You’ll be confused if you start your shopping without picking out ahead of time a style and design you’d like to get. You already know the color and size you want — now decide on the design, reading magazines and going window shopping.

Mistake #5: The Wrong Strategy

The last mistake is actually one of preparation. Check out the possible choices before you go shopping. On the Internet, visit websites to check out photos of modern furniture — but don’t completely trust the images. Be sure to check out the modern furniture you see online in person. But then, in the store itself, don’t trust your first impression while there in the store. Look the item over, go away, and come back. Don’t be pressured at that moment into making a buying decision.

So, whether you’re buying a full set of modern dining room furniture, or a single chair, be sure to remember the remedies for these five most common mistakes.

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