Modern or Postmodern: A Design Guide for Interior Decorators

When designing a room or an entire house full of rooms, modern and postmodern are two decorating styles with very different looks and ideas that are very popular today. These are two distinct styles of interior design that can be used to create beautiful and stylish rooms for clients. But which style to use? This choice depends on the client, their tastes and their lifestyle. Deciding on which approach to take means understanding the basics of each design style.

The artistic movement of modernism began in late 19th century Europe. At the time, Europe was undergoing industrialization, a process which radically transformed where and how people lived. Life was rapidly moving from small towns and farms to larger cities and smaller living spaces. This lifestyle change gave way to the modernist movement in design. Rejecting tradition was the hallmark of the style, and the thought was that new living required completely new design and interaction with the world. The simplistic approach to decorating is key to modernism. Anything stuffy, ornate and overdone was replaced with clean and sharp lines and simple design, with functionality as the key. Modernism meant sleek and fashionable pieces, with nothing fussy or overdone. Contemporary modern furniture is unique furniture that combines form, function and style in one complete package. The look of a room can be completely changed with just a few modernist pieces, which provide a sense of cleanliness, openness, and an absence of clutter. Italian furniture, in particular, is at the forefront of many modern styles, as the latest wave of Italian designers excels most in the design of sleek, functional home decor.

What type of client would suit the modern style? Modern ranges from futuristic to minimalist and appeals to many different tastes. Modern furniture is for the individual that is fun and fearless, fabulous and stylish. The kind of person that prefers simplicity, but wants to make a bold statement and stand out in the crowd as well. The modern style lover is someone who is up on the latest trends, not old fashioned in the least, and probably owns the latest in high-tech gadgets. They want visitors to enter their home and be captivated and interested by their unique sense of style.

The 1960’s saw a response to the modernist design in the form of postmodernism. Postmodern design shunned minimalism in favor of more decorative styles. This design trend started in America and subsequently spread across the globe. Rejecting function and minimal use of materials and embellishments, this style often placed form over function and borrowed from the past with eclectic designs. The hallmark of postmodern design is comfortable spaces for the mind, body and spirit with a mixture of materials and unconventional angles and symmetry. The types that defined the style were craft revival, ergonomic furniture – especially in modern office spaces – and art pieces like sculptural chairs and coffee tables. Postmodern design used things like plastic laminates, marble, and recycled materials. Recycling came into vogue in the 1970’s and this trend was reflected in the postmodern furniture of the day.

Who embraces the postmodern style? A postmodern design lover is cosmopolitan and well-traveled, creative and artsy with unconventional ideas, and is anything but traditional. They mock the established high-art ideal while embracing pop art and kitsch. Postmodern decor styles often appeal most to young, hip people who are interested in breaking away from the past and embracing a more playful, extravagant aesthetic for their home.

Modern and Postmodern: Two very different styles of design that each appeal to a unique personality type. Understanding the person you are designing for is the most important thing to consider when selecting a design style for a client’s home. Their tastes, personality and lifestyle are all key in finding the style that best brings their vision of the perfect living space to life. Do they prefer clean lines and simple design with a minimum of fuss? Are they into everything that is new and high-tech? Modernism would certainly appeal to this individual. Are they creative and artsy, with a love for things unconventional? Postmodernism sounds like the right design look for them.

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Understanding Modernism and its Impact on Furniture

Sharp lines. Simple designs. Straight-forward functionality. These are the unmistakable hallmarks of modernist design as it relates to interior decor. These days, the influence of modernism is evident in most designer furniture from Europe, but to understand in what ways modernism has come to shape the furniture industry, it is important to first understand what modernism itself really is, and how it came to prominence.

The artistic and intellectual movement known as modernism first arose during the late 19th century in Europe. As Europe was rapidly industrializing, people were undergoing massive transformations in the way they lived, as small towns and farms gave way to big cities and factories. In response to these exciting and sometimes frightening changes, the modernist movement was born. Modernists rejected tradition entirely, arguing that new ways of living required new ways of thinking about – and interacting with – the world. The respected poet Ezra Pound provided perhaps the most succinct rallying cry of this rebellious movement with his 1934 exhortation to “make it new!” To provide just two popular examples of how far-reaching modernism was even in its opening decades, both the psychiatrist Sigmund Freud and the painter Pablo Picasso influenced modernist appraisals of their respective fields.

Modernism, and its subsequent iterations like postmodernism and Altermodernism, continues to evolve and influence our world in many ways, from art and architecture to philosophy and psychology. In the field of interior design, the triumph of modernism is most evident in modern European furniture. By rejecting the grandiosity and unnecessary frills associated with furniture design in earlier ages, modern furniture is simple and functional, embracing a “less is more” attitude that is especially relevant in today’s environmentally-conscious world. Spearheaded by Italian designers, modern European furniture companies often use one primary construction material for the bulk of the furnishing, such as steel or oak. This material simplicity, when combined with the replacement of intricate designs and patterns with sleek lines and bare surfaces, is widely regarded by interior designers as the effective marriage of modernist theory and practice.

In the many ways that modernism has affected – and continues to affect – our world, perhaps the most ubiquitous (but under-appreciated) is in the design and construction of the furniture we enjoy every day. So next time you walk into a new room, take a moment to recognize the quiet revolution that has made its arrangement possible.

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Modern Platform Beds

Platform beds are the quintessential piece of furniture for any modern bedroom. It’s called the bedroom because the bed is the most important part of the room and if you’re one for modern design, platform beds are what you’re going to be interested in. And why wouldn’t you be? They are so clean looking, even when you don’t make the bed. Even though they are all similar in that the mattress is usually laid on the platformed frame of the bed (hence the term “platform”), there is still a lot of variety in the piece of furniture. Invest in a good, beautiful bed and you’ll never get sick of it. These are timeless designs that you will love until the day you die. Check out the video below and if you like what you see, but you’re still not sure which bed is perfect for your room, come take a look at which platform beds we have in the store!

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The Type of Person Who Decorates Their Home With Modern Furnishings

Modern decor refers to furnishings that consist of clean lines, sleek styles, and minimal shapes. Modern furniture is fashionable and stylish, without appearing overly trendy. While modern styles may currently be all the rage, these styles are anything but a passing fad. This simplistic approach to decorating has captivated many individuals and led them to adopting a minimalistic decorating style.

In past years, many adults preferred traditional, intricate decor. However, as technology advances, modern shapes also increase in popularity. Modern styles range from futuristic to minimalistic, yet appeal to people of many difference tastes.

modern living room furnitureThe Type of Person Who Chooses Contemporary Home Decor:
The type of person who chooses contemporary living room furnishings is fun and fearless, fabulous and stylish. Modern styles are not for those that prefer to blend in. While these styles may be simple, they make a large statement. They are for those that prefer to be intriguing and eye catching, as well as for those that enjoy luxurious styles.

Contemporary home decor is also great for those that love to stand out in a crowd. Most people are use to comfortable looking couches and chairs, as well as very homey furnishings. Therefore, as visitors walk into a modern home, they are often interested and captivated. These styles are unique and show visitors that an individual is willing to take a risk, even if that risk only pertains to how one furnishes their home.

Modern decorating is also not for the old fashioned. Those that love the modern look, generally also enjoy technology. These are the people that love using the newest phones, cutting edge computers, and are on top of the latest advancements. Those that love the contemporary also commonly love art. In fact, many would say that modern styles are much like art in themselves, which make them perfect for creative individuals.

modern living room furnitureWhat Your Modern Furniture Says About You:
Modern styles say a range of different things about an individual. However, the main thing that modern home decor says is that an individual has great personal style. A well-decorated modern home makes an impressive statement. This statement says that an individual is sophisticated and put together. Those that find it difficult to take control over their personal lives will not commonly be drawn to very modern decor, especially since this type of decor requires a very cohesive look that takes skill and effort to create.

Contemporary styles also say that an individual prefers a clean, orderly look. Contemporary decor is very open and uncluttered. There are generally not a plethora of decorations, but instead a very clean, streamlined look. This type of furniture often appeals to those that prefer order in their personal lives, as well as in the presentation of their home. Those that enjoy modern styles are often forward thinkers that are also a bit edgy.

Additionally, depending on the particular style of your home, the decor can give visitors a few different impressions. For example, a very monotonous color scheme may give visitors the impression that you are extremely orderly and formal. In order to create a more welcoming look, decorators may want to add in a few different colors to make the area appear more inviting. Even a bright shock of color, like single red piece of furniture among a many black pieces, can create a fun, exciting feeling.

Many homeowners worry that by choosing a modern style for their home, visitors will be uncomfortable or unable to make themselves at home. However, this certainly does not have to be the case. While some modern styles send a very formal statement, others are much more casual. In order to create a casual, inviting atmosphere, choose comfortable styles in soft or warm tones. This sort of contemporary decor will showcase a homeowner’s great style, while creating a welcoming and comforting atmosphere for friends and family.

Choosing modern home decor does say a lot about an individual. These styles say that an individual has a very developed sense of personal style, that they are comfortable with the modern, and that they prefer a clean and orderly environment. Modern styles can also appear edgy or inviting, depending on the feeling a decorator is attempting to invoke. However, by creating a modern look, combined with personalized touches and flair, a decorator can create a unique atmosphere that they will love to call home.

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Choosing Loft Living as a Lifestyle

The modern lifestyle is about open spaces, urban living. It is about contemporary design and the fashionably poor. It is about gathering in places that are teeming with life, and not necessarily the places that the public perceives to be trendy. True housing vogue, real urban chic, is about a room with a view, about ceiling to floor windows that let in great shafts of light, washing your modern furniture with the kiss of a beautiful sunrise, a new day. It is about wide expanses inside and out. It is not about having a kitchen, two bedrooms and two baths, separated into boxy, cubicle-like prisons. This is why when given the choice, artists choose to live in the capacious sanctuary of a downtown loft.

Over half a century ago, people chose loft living not as a trend, but as an economic necessity. Unable to afford the media perpetuated suburban ideal, families stowed away in turn of the century converted factories and buildings left abandoned by the end of the industrial revolution. It wasn’t until the sixties and the postmodern art movement that loft living became what it is today. Many young adults flourished in the open spaces and industrial feel of the loft, particularly in metropolitan cities like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

Contemporary loft living is not just a mode of residence, it is a lifestyle. The proximity to urban nightlife and employment allows you to work and play within a stone’s throw. During the day, the most powerful corporations in the world are reachable by cab or subway, their steel giants sequestered just outside the artistic confines of your loft. At night, whether it be the cafes, performance arts, or trendy indie bands, the industrial neighborhood comes alive, each alley and street the veins and arteries of a contemporary existence. When the bars and shows close, that life moves to the lofts and high rise apartments, where the vast floor plan makes it perfect for parties and social gatherings. The wide open space is also ideal for any artist, whether it be to prop up large canvases or sculptures under the 14 foot ceilings, or spread out the piece on the broad factory floors. The architecture makes a loft ideal for acoustical elements, as every note from your speakers are instruments will reverberate with pitch perfect sound.

Many lofts are old warehouse and factories converted into living areas, and as a result are far more expansive than a conventional house or apartment. Many downtown lofts can come in upwards of 2500 square feet, and are the ideal bezel for your gems of urban accessories and modern furniture. Some are even multi-leveled, equipped with stairs and a mezzanine that fosters an aura of grandness without the cost of a high rise condo. However, lofts can be altered and designed to fit your specific tastes and interests.

Most artists who choose the loft lifestyle find it lends well to an urban design with neutral colors. Juxtaposition of white and black, soft contrast, or gritty urban browns help accent the room with a minimalist but stylish canvas. Small blotches of color can be added through cushions, rugs, and decorative art. While generally lofts are for young adults and singles, the loft can also be converted into a family space, with modern kids furniture partitioned by creative use of Eastern foldout walls. The furniture should be a reflection of yourself, your style, what makes you the person you are. As an artist, you should not feel constricted by what society deems industrial. At the same time, being unique doesn’t necessarily lend to desirability. With concrete or hardwood flooring and a decidedly urban feel, if you decide to choose loft living, you should have some preference for open spaces, big lighting, and modern furniture with clean, streamlined angles.

Choosing to live the loft lifestyle means choosing a place that compliments your urban hobbies and preferences. It allows you to be comfortable and comfortably hip, while at the same time providing the ideal inspiration for your art. As we spend more and more time in our homes, having a space that accentuates who we are is a vital part in determining how we’d like to live. The loft not only serves to highlight your inner chic, but nurture it as well.

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Commonly Made Mistakes When Buying Modern Furniture

Have you ever bought modern furniture that had to be returned the next day? Shall we list the reasons? The piece does not match the design of your home. The piece is too large for the space, or cannot even fit through the front door. People who are buying modern furniture for the first time have a tendency to make mistakes. And then, to remedy those mistakes, they spend too much on repairs or replacement, when they could have avoided those mistakes in the first place, and saved themselves a great deal of money.

Mistake #1: The Wrong Size

A piece of furniture may look absolutely perfect in the showroom or gallery, but, when it’s delivered to your home, all your hopes and expectations fall flat because the piece simply will not fit. Why? Let’s avoid blame, and call it a lack of planning. To avoid this mistake, ask yourself the following questions while thinking about the piece you plan to buy. Will the piece …

o … fit through at least one door of your house?
o … fit the hallway leading to the room where you plan to put it?
o … fit the space set aside for it in the room?
o … overpower the other furniture in the room because of its size?

Of course, you’ll only have answers to these questions if you do the measurements. Before you leave the house on your shopping expedition, get out a tape measure, a piece of paper and a pencil, and write down all the relevant numbers. Consult this piece of paper while you use the tape measure on the piece — you will remember to bring that tape measure with you, won’t you?

If you’d like to go one step further, create a floor plan for your room showing the way it is now. Figure out where you’d like to put the new piece of furniture, and be sure to allow for any extra area around it. For example, when considering a set of modern dining room furniture, allow space for the chairs to be pulled out.

Mistake #2: The Wrong Design

The second most common mistake is a mismatch with the design of the rest of the furniture you already have in the room. Happily, in most cases, modern furniture designs fit well with almost any other interior design, from contemporary themes, all the way back to classic. Unhappily, though, there are still some design factors that might not allow your new piece to fit within the already-established design concepts of your room.

Let’s talk color. A black chair would go well with lightly toned walls, but the same black chair would be overkill if the walls were also black. Follow a simple design plan – the piece should stand out, but, at the same time, be a complement to the rest of the room. Visualize that new piece of furniture in its proposed place in your room — that image in your head will help you decide whether the piece is right, or not.

Mistake #3: The Wrong Maintenance

The third mistake? Consider the maintenance and cleaning required for your new piece of furniture. No furniture is self-cleaning; dust and dirt collect, and must be removed to preserve the furniture’s quality. If you use the wrong cleaning method, you might damage your new piece of furniture beyond repair. Avoid this mistake by asking, before you buy, how to clean this new piece of furniture properly. Also, ask what materials were used in the construction of the piece.

Mistake #4: The Wrong Idea

The next mistake is having the wrong idea, or, rather, to be kind, not fleshing out the bones of your ideas for what you want to add to a room. Know what you want to buy before you go to the furniture showroom. You’ll be confused if you start your shopping without picking out ahead of time a style and design you’d like to get. You already know the color and size you want — now decide on the design, reading magazines and going window shopping.

Mistake #5: The Wrong Strategy

The last mistake is actually one of preparation. Check out the possible choices before you go shopping. On the Internet, visit websites to check out photos of modern furniture — but don’t completely trust the images. Be sure to check out the modern furniture you see online in person. But then, in the store itself, don’t trust your first impression while there in the store. Look the item over, go away, and come back. Don’t be pressured at that moment into making a buying decision.

So, whether you’re buying a full set of modern dining room furniture, or a single chair, be sure to remember the remedies for these five most common mistakes.

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What You Need to Know Before Buying Modern Furniture For Your Living Room

Before you add modern furniture to your living room, there are a few things that you need to know to get the most out of your purchases. Choosing a modern design requires knowledge of your budget, your preferences and what kind of mood and look that you want to create in your living room. Consider first what you use it for: do you entertain, watch television and films, relax and read or just use it sparingly? These facts will have an impact on what type of furniture that you purchase.

Your first step is to know your budget for your design project. This will affect what you buy and many of your choices. The advantage with modern living room furniture is that you do so much more with less. The streamlined, minimal nature of this design type allows you to put more into a few things, giving you leftover funds to do painting, tile or whatever other changes that you desire.

If you will be using your living room extensively for a variety of purposes, a couch will probably be at the top of your list of furniture to buy. When choosing a modernly styled sofa, you will need to pick one that matches the color and styling of the look you are going for. If you are looking at a style using dark wood and metal, you will want to consider a sofa that is black leather or other material. Black blends in well with this kind of coloring, and will be durable. Some couches are extended, while others can be paired with a smaller chair. Make sure that your choice will flow with the layout of the environment.

Modern living room furniture also involves choosing whether or not you will use an entertainment center or mount your television on the wall. No matter what the choice, for a modern style you will need to consider which will not impede the space in the room and what blends best with the other furniture. For instance, if you have a rectangular layout, and want the television to be low profile, adding a flatscreen to your wall may be the best option. Many wall units can provide a wonderful sense of style to a space, even a floating feeling. These units can mix function and storage into a look that is appealing. Taking a look at several choices will give you a better feel of what you would like to have.

Storage for books, films and other items that you use in this space is a key consideration. It is important to have an open mind when you approach this choice, as modern design does not limit you to just one or two style types. Shelving can take on a number of set ups, from the use of cubes and rectangles, swirls and curves to a standing tower. Consider the shapes that you want to use in the space, whether geometric, limited to one or two basic ones, or a variety. This will help to keep your design balanced and uniform.

If you are unsure where to begin when designing your living room, consider working with a professional designer. This individual can help you in choosing colors, a layout and an overall design emphasis that matches your personality. They can also provide guidance as to what type of materials that you want to use in your furniture. This means getting advice on what materials go well together, which ones last the longest and which ones fall within your budget range. They can also provide you with sketches and explanations that will help you to envision what your room will look like when finished.

When you start to purchase furniture, remember that less is more in modern design. The numerous choices that will be available to you can be exciting and you can easily get carried away. By knowing the style you want to use, the atmosphere you would like to create and your needs when using your living room, you will be able to make a more informed decision as to type of furniture to use in your living room. In addition, you will also want to keep your color choices limited to a smaller number. Modern design is all about balance and flow, along with opening up the space so you can think and breathe freely. If you overwhelm the space with too many colors and textures, you lose the flow of the design. Keeping it simple will help you get the modern look that you want.

Modern furniture can make a huge difference in your home, and can turn your living room space into one your family and friends will enjoy a being in. You will also find that you have more room and can move more freely as well.

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The Various Aspects of Modern Furniture

Modern furniture is astute in its ability to combine form, function and style into one package. Homeowners can decorate their home with a few, simple choices and create the perfect space for living. There are a number of aspects to this furniture that make it unique and make it a popular way to redefine a room or even an entire home. These aspects also make it unique within the furniture market, setting it apart from traditional styles that are often difficult to choose from and require a high investment of time and money. Modern furniture, on the other hand, can do immense changes in a room with only a few, well chosen pieces.

modern dining room furniture

One of the first aspects of modern furniture is its use of shapes and line. Design of this furniture utilizes basic geometric shapes such as circles, squares, cubes, rectangles and others to establish form. A shape or series of shapes are often repeated to create a bed platform, a series of shelves or to even design cabinets for the kitchen. This creates a sense of pattern and harmony in a room when pieces are selected and put together in the right manner. Line is also vital to the furniture, and is just as varied. Curved and straight lines are mixed, repeated, stacked on top of one another and put side by side to create definition. They also help the pieces flow together as a whole.

Color is another vital aspect of this style of furniture. Instead of using a plethora of color shades and tones, this furniture is done with a limited number of colors, that like line and shape, are repeated in set parts of a design. This adds a dash of interest to the layout, while helping to enhance the balance and symmetry to the whole room. It also reduces the chaos of decision making when it comes to picking out a particular piece of furniture. This careful and minimal use of color allows for a reduction of visual noise that can be extremely distracting in some homes. Certain colors can create a different mood, depending on its intensity and use. It can also take charge of the scene, putting furniture and other decorative elements to the background. In modern style, the color works in conjunction with line and shape.

modern dining room furnitureModern dining room furniture echoes these aspects, and showcases how they come together to create a unique and livable space. In this case, one of the primary aspects comes to light: function. Modern furniture perfectly unites style, design and function into one pleasant package. A dining room table made of a flat plane of wood provides form of the space but works in union with it. At the same time, it provides a place to sit, eat or work as well. Its function does not dominate its use, nor does it style as they worked together flawlessly. Many traditional dining room tables are dominated by their design and are not often used except on rare occasions. With a piece of modern dining room furniture, the design is both meant to be enjoyed and used, not just set aside for special events.

Functionality is also best displayed in the kitchen and in the living room. Appliances are worked into the shelving and walls, blending in with the careful use of line and placement of shapes. This way, cluttered counters and various utensils are reduced and put in their proper place. The space is freed up from the visual chaos and becomes part of a pleasant atmosphere. This makes for a more relaxing experience for an individual coming home from a stressful day at work or school. When designing a home using the style, these aspects are critical for the homeowner to keep in mind.

Hiring a professional to help you choose and place the furniture within your home can be a wise decision. They have experience in utilizing these various aspects of modern furniture appropriately. With the many beautiful choices available, homeowner can easily fall back into old patterns of filling up a space to the point of overflow. This brings in the last aspect of modern furniture: less is more. A living room can easily be fitted out with a couch, a chair, one coffee table and a low-profile entertainment center with nothing else but a few small accents. This, combined with placement and color choice lists the space out of the ordinary and into one that almost floats.

Getting rid of all of the extra items and unused furniture reduces the level of visual stress in the home. Modern styling and furniture creates a space that is functional, elegant and unites all of its various aspects into one entire beautiful environment. It becomes a place where the homeowner can enter, release and completely relax.

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Convertible Furniture Will Save the World

It’s no secret that the human race is doomed; we over-fish our oceans, there are too many of us for how much we consume, we drive too far, don’t grow our own food and live in palaces we don’t really need. Even though we are doomed we are going to make some efforts to make our lives a little easier.

Because housing is getting smaller and smaller every year, we may only have a couple hundred square feet to raise a child in in the coming decades. As such, convertible furniture is all the rage. There is absolutely no reason to use more space than you need and if your dining room can convert to a bedroom and a movie theatre, why in the world would you need three different rooms?

Anyways, Most of the following pieces of convertible furniture are pretty self explanatory but some of them you might have to look at for a few seconds. When you do get it though, I guarantee that you will be blown away.

convertible furnitureconvertible furniture

convertible furnitureconvertible furniture

convertible furnitureconvertible furniture

convertible furnitureconvertible furniture

convertible furnitureconvertible furniture

convertible furnitureconvertible furniture

convertible furnitureconvertible furniture

convertible furnitureconvertible furniture

convertible furnitureconvertible furniture

convertible furnitureconvertible furniture

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